AudioCodes MP-202, MP202, MP20X MediaPack
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  AudioCodes MP-202, MP202, MP20X MediaPack

AudioCodes MP-202, MP202, MP20X MediaPack

$84.99 USD |   Add to Cart  |   View Cart

AudioCodes MP-202, MP202 Features:

  • Asterisk Ready

  • Residential and SOHO telephony for Voice over IP Networks

  • Toll quality voice compression

  • Easy integration into existing Asterisk network

  • Fax support

  • Integrated router

AudioCodes MP-202, MP202 Downloads:

AudioCodes MP-202, MP202 Information:

The MP-202 Telephone Adapter, a member of the MediaPack gateway series, is based on AudioCodes perfecto core technology, benefiting from advanced voice technologies for an enhanced voice quality and user experience.

The MP-202 is a 2 line SIP gateway allowing users to connect to ordinary POTS telephone or fax machines, and it is interoperable with leading soft switches and SIP Application servers for enabling legacy phone services such as caller ID, call waiting and call forwarding. In addition the MP-202 includes an internal router with DHCP, NAT and PPPoE capabilities enabling subscribers to connect their home PC or LAN hub/switch to it.

The professional product for residential calling services, call centers, tele-workers and service providers that need a high-end high MTBF product and wide-band voice coders

AudioCodes MP-202, MP202 Price:

$84.99 USD |   Add to Cart  |   View Cart


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