D-Link DPH-C160S - DECT                           877-4E4-VoIP
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  Introducing the D-Link DPH-C160S

Dlink DPH-C160S

Currently Only Available in AU Market

D-Link DPH-C160S Flash Demo

D-Link DPH-C160S Features:

  • Make/Receive VoIP and regular calls on the same phone
  • Echo cancellation for enhanced voice quality
  • Speed-dial, Call forwarding, Call waiting between VoIP and regular phone line
  • 3-Way conference calling between VoIP and regular phone line
  • Switch between VoIP and regular phone line
  • Auto detection and switching of incoming VoIP and regular calls
  • PSTN failover for loss of Internet connection
  • Handset locator
  • Speaker phone

D-Link DPH-C160S Information:

The DPH-C160S is an DECT/VoIP Cordless dual-mode phone solution that makes adding a VoIP phone service to an existing standard phone service quick, easy and inexpensive. It also provides immediate access to low cost international and interstate VoIP calling and traditional phone service in a single device. With true plug & play simplicity, the DPH-C160S is a normal DECT cordless phone when you connect it to an ordinary phone line connection, and it is an VoIP phone when you connect it to the Internet through a broadband connection.

The DPH-C160S is a standalone device that does not require a computer to use. All you need is high-speed Internet access to make and receive calls*. Use it at home or the office**. This DPH-C160S uses Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) meaning that it is ready to be used with an Internet (VoIP) phone service plan. With features like echo cancellation, packet delay compensation, and lost packet recovery, you can expect the voice quality from the DPH-C160S to be similar to traditional phones calls.

The DPH-C160S includes a large LCD screen that displays call information such as call history, address book entries, and caller ID numbers. The DPH-C160S also supports several other convenient calling features including redial, mute, and hold. D-Link’s Cordless DECT VoIP Phone combines the convenience of Cordless DECT technology with money-saving features of a VoIP Internet phone service.

* You must choose an Internet (VoIP) Phone Service Plan and sign up for service. VoIP phone plans, rates, and features may vary depending on VoIP Phone Service Provider. D-Link Australia Pty Ltd is not a Telephone Service Provider or VoIP Phone Service Provider.

** Making and receiving VoIP calls requires a high-speed Internet connection.



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