D-Link V-Click Dual Mode WiFi/GSM             877-4E4-VoIP
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  Introducing the D-Link V-Click Dual Mode WiFi GSM Phone

Dlink V-Click Dual Mode- WiFi GSM- SIP 

$599.99 USD  |   Add to Cart  |   View Cart 

D-Link V-Click Features:

  • WiFi profile roaming for uninterrupted service between wireless zones
  • Opera Mobile browser for hot spot log-in and Web surfing
  • Email functionality - 50 emails can be stored in up to 10 accounts
  • Sleek form factor (height, 4.17", width, 1.73", depth, .75"; weight, 3.32 oz)
  • Large color screen display with 176 by 220 pixels
  • Talk time - up to 5 hours GSM, 2 hours 802.11 wireless mode
  • Messages - up to 30 messages can be stored at 459 characters each
  • Phonebook - up to 300 contacts
  • Data storage - up to 24 megabytes for documents, images, music and video files.
  • Tasks - stores up to 100 entries
  • Calendar - up to 100 events, 160 letters per event
  • Charging - 3 hours, first time charge 8 hours
  • Compact design with internal antenna
  • Power-saving mode for maximum standby and talk time

D-Link V-Click Information:

When it begins shipping during the first quarter of 2007, the new D-Link V-CLICK line of phones will feature tri-band GSM (900/1800/1900 MHz) and 802.11 WiFi (2.4Ghz) access. By sliding a cellular service provider's SIM Smartcard or chip into the V-CLICK phone, the user automatically gains GSM access. Stored phone numbers and address books are also automatically taken into the phone via the SIM Smartcard or chip.

With a simple press of the V-CLICK button, the phone activates or deactivates the WiFi connection that allows users to access websites or an Internet phone service, and enjoy the convenience of reduced communication costs, faster transfer speeds and increased productivity resulting from dual-mode phone access.

D-Link V-CLICK phones boast a sleek, polished black compact form factor (h 4.17", w 1.73", d 0.75"), with additional colors planned to fit any lifestyle. The V-CLICK phones support Opera Mobile™, a mobile browser for logging into WiFi hot spots, web surfing and email functionality on the V-Click's two-inch (176x220 pixels) bright color screen.

In addition to operating like regular cell phones that communicate within a nationwide wireless network, D-Link V-CLICK phones will significantly reduce cell phone service costs by switching to the 802.11 wireless mode and connecting to lower-cost Internet telephone services. These services are available by way of well-advertised affordable consumer plans or from a cellular service provider network.

D-Link V-Clink Pricing Information  

$599.99 USD  |   Add to Cart  |   View Cart 



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