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  Hitachi Wireless IP3000 VoIP

Hitachi IP3000, IP3000 WiFi, WIP-3000 Voip


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Hitachi Wireless IP3000 (WIP-3000) information:

The Hitachi IP3000 (WIP-3000) is an all-round 802.11b wireless VoIP phone supporting the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), which is essential for multimedia communications.

Hitachi-Cables WirelessIP3000 is an advanced wireless (IEEE 802.11b) IP phone that provides unmatched voice quality, battery life and range over an IEEE 802.11b wireless IP network. WirelessIP3000 is equipped with G711, G729, enhanced jitter buffering technology, lost packet recovery, echo cancellation, and packet delay compensation. Operates with standard AP infrastructure and roams very smoothly among multiple Access Points in same network.

Hitachi Wireless IP3000 (WIP-3000) Features:

  • Phone book Capacity: 200 entries

  • Call history - Display a log of up to 20 incoming/outgoing calls

  • Talk time display

  • Call time Display

  • Dialed number display - Display dialed phone numbers

  • Calling extension number display - Display extension number when on hold

  • Incoming call extension number display - Opposite extension number (including office number) display at incoming call

  • Call Waiting Call waiting using a holding tone

  • Dial-tone forwarding - Forward dial tone (DT)

  • ID linking* - Select different ring tones depending on whether a call is coming from an outside line or an extension

  • Mute - Voice not sent to opposite party

  • Speed dial* (one-touch dial) - Registration and use of speed dialing

  • Redial* - Press and hold the button to redial the last number called

  • Call-back transfer* - While on the phone with A (inside or outside line), put A on hold, call B, then use the transfer button to connect A and B

  • Call pickup* - Answering by special number when there was an incoming call in a pickup group

  • Call waiting* - When you receive a call while already on the line, a feature similar to call waiting on fixed phones is available (notification via a tone, change connections by pressing button)

  • Unanswered call display - A pop-up displays unanswered calls

Hitachi Wireless IP3000 (WIP-3000) Price:

$269.00 USD  |   Add to Cart  |   View Cart



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