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  Introducing the Linksys SPA932

Linksys SPA932  Attendant Console, sidecar


Toll Free: 877.4e4.VoIP

Linksys SPA932 Features:

  • 32 Button Attendant Console (Sidecar)
  • Tri Color Programmable LEDs
  • Up to Two Consoles Can Be Attached – For a Total of 64 Buttons
  • Support for Broadsoft Busy Lamp Field (Rumored Asterisk BLF Support)
  • Powered by SPA962 – No Power Supply Required

Linksys SPA932 Information:

Recently there has been quite a buzz throughout the Asterisk community regarding an alleged attendant console for the linksys SPA962 phone. At this point I am not sure that the Linksys SPA932 Attendant Console will support BLF functionality with the Asterisk PBX however, I'd assume that linksys must realize that they are potential missing out on a booming sector of the IP telephony market.

If anyone is wondering where I found this image the answer is Google.   Apparently someone named Nacho@Cisco is to thank for releasing this image

Basically, understanding that Linksys uses the SPA prefix- "Service Provider Authorized" I chose to search for the Linksys SPA932 as it was rumored to have 32 buttons - Bingo - There it was in all of its glory, 1st try...

I also noticed that it says Linksys/Cisco Proprietary on this PPT - Not sure if this means I shouldn't post this image of the Linksys SPA932 on my site but.... I am hoping that our customers on the B2B site will see this, and that we can continue to grow our Linksys Sales along side our Hosted PBX offering.  As hopefully Linksys/Cisco knows we fully support Linksys SPA family of products and it is the number one selling phone line that we bundle with our Hosted PBX.

More on the Linksys SPA932:

Unless you have been living under a rock you have probably seen and hopefully had the pleasure of using a Linksys Phone- At this point I have to say that I firmly believe that many of their products are poised to be the next big thing in IP telephony. When married with a Linksys Business class PoE switch like the Linksys SRW208P, the linksys line is a force to be reckoned with - My recommendation is that you try one for yourself. I promise you won't be disappointed.

For more information on the Linksys SPA932 and other products like the Linksys SPA962 Please contact us.

   Linksys SPA962 VoIP Phone (IN STOCK!!)
Linksys SPA962 VoIP Phone
Stylish and functional in design, the SPA962 VoIP telephone is a must for businesses using a hosted IP telephony service, an IP PBX, or a large scale IP Centrex deployment. The SPA962 leverages industry leading VoIP technology from Linksys to deliver a high quality IP Phone that is unparalleled in features, value, and support.


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