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  Aastra 480i SIP Phone

Aastra 480i

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Aastra 480i Features:

  • Large display — Eight-line backlit screen with six context sensitive soft keys provides more information and flexibility in call handling

  • Enhanced Call Management — Large storage for personal directory, callers log, and redial list

  • Tight Integration — Support for Sphericall MGCP and multiple SIP IP telephony systems including BroadWorks®, Nortel, Sylantro and Asterisk

  • Multiple Line/Call Appearance Lights — Support up to 9 simultaneous calls. Juggle multiple calls easily with a single press of a button

  • Shared Call Appearances — Shared calls allow you to place a call on hold at one set and pick it up easily at another set

  • Remarkable Audio — Quality speakerphone with excellent voice clarity and delivery

  • Protect Your Investments — Firmware upgrades can be downloaded and installed in the field as standards develop and protocols evolve

  • Less Wiring — Built in dual 10/100 switched Ethernet ports let you share a connection with your computer. Inline power support eliminates power adapters

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Aastra 480i Information:                            

Feature Highlights Up to 9 call appearance lines Personal directory Call forward Call transfer Call waiting Caller and calling line information Callers log Conference Hold Redial list Live dial pad or pre-dial support Broadsoft’s BroadWorks enhanced SIP – support for Intercom, Shared Call Appearances, CommPilot Call Manager Nortel’s MCS SIP support – Conferencing, Voicemail, and NAT Traversal support Sphere's Sphericall MGCP support - BLF, Intercom

A1700-0131-10-05 480i Charcoal SIP Generic (including Nortel MCS, Sylantro, Asterisk)

Aastra 480i Price:

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Aastra 480i News:

Aastra Telecom announces the availability of firmware version 1.4.1 for Enterprise IP portfolio of SIP telephones, including Models 480i, 9133i, 9112i, and 480i CT.

Aastra 480i Firmware:

Release 1.4.1 delivers new feature set to the Aastra 480i including:

  • Local redundancy support enabling administrator to configure backup proxy and registrar servers locally on the phone.

  • Simplifying deployments complexity through the auto-discovery of a configuration server.

  • Dial plan enhancement allows the administrator to configure the phone to automatically append prefix digits thereby
    simplifying users dialing pattern.

  • XML enhancements including new XML objects and events-triggered XML application access.

  • Enhanced integration with Sylantro® platforms via support of additional classes for priority alerting. In addition, Last Call

  • New interpretabilities with partners’ solution including MetaSwitch platform and CounterPath softclient.

  • Return is supported on either programmable hard keys or soft keys.

Aastra 480i Firmware Download:

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