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  Digium | IAXy S101I for Asterisk Open Source PBX

Digium IAXy S101I

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Digium IAXy S101I Information:

The Digium S101I, affectionately known as the IAXy, takes Asterisk from the PC to the CPE. The IAXy provides a single, fully featured FXS interface with an Ethernet back-end, speaking the Asterisk-native IAX protocol, at a highly competitive price. The IAXy is aimed at Voice Over Broadband and Internet Telephone Service Providers. The IAX protocol provides complete NAT transparency, enabling full operation behind NAT and PAT firewalls.

This includes the ability to robustly transfer calls between endpoints, allowing on-net calls to be moved off of a service provider's network for better quality and lower cost.

 Digium IAXy S101I Features:

  • Caller ID

  • Caller ID Disable, Enable (*67, *82)

  • Call Waiting

  • Cancel Call Waiting (*70)

  • Caller ID on Call Waiting

  • Three-way Calling

  • Blind Transfer

  • Call Parking

  • Voice Mail Waiting Indicator

  • Pulse Dial

  • Auto Upgrade

  • Hold

Digium IAXy S101I Price:

$84.95 USD  |   Add to Cart  |   View Cart    

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