AudioCodes MediaPack MP-11X Series
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  Announcing MediaPack MP-11X Series

 Third Generation of Analog VoIP Gateways MP-112/4/8 - FXS+FXO

A History of Solid Design and Unsurpassed Reliability

  • MPs are deployed in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Africa

  • Over 25 service providers have standardized on MediaPacks

  • Tier-1 OEM vendors have integrated the MediaPack Series into their IPBX or PBX migration solutions

  • The MediaPacks Interoperates with more than 30 soft-switches, gatekeepers and SIP proxies

  • Over 12 million ports based on AudioCodes’ technology are deployed worldwide

What's New in the MP-11X Series?

  • Enlarged FLASH, RAM and DSP memory as well as more powerful processor, the MP-11X is capable of supporting future software versions and enhanced features, not planned for the MP-1XX. Under this category are features such as IP, SRTP, HTTPS and more.

  • Smaller foot print, slick plastic enclosure

  • Outdoor protection and surge immunity according to TNV-3, as standard ordering option.

  • Port to Port Fall Back on the mixed FXS/FXO product variants.

  • Backwards compatibility with the MP-1XX (H.323, MGCP, SIP, provisioning, etc.)

  • Similar analog front capabilities (CID, long Haul, MWI, Metering tones, etc.) as the MP-10X

  • Designed for improved homologation coverage for FXO variant.

Product Name


MP-112R /2FXS /AC 2 FXS ports VoIP Gateway w/ AC power, no life line,

no RS-232

MP-114 /4FXS /AC 4 FXS ports VoIP Gateway w/ AC power
MP-118 /8FXS /AC 8 FXS ports VoIP Gateway w/ AC power
MP-114 /4FXO /AC 4 FXO ports VoIP Gateway w/ AC power
MP-118 /8FXO /AC 8 FXO ports VoIP Gateway w/ AC power
MP-118 /4FXS /4FXO /AC 4 FXS and 4 FXO ports VoIP Gateway w/ AC power
MP-124D /24FXS /AC 24 FXS ports VoIP Gateway w/ AC power
MP-114 /2FXS /2FXO /AC 2 FXS and 2 FXO ports VoIP Gateway w/ AC power


Software Support



FXS - 4.6 and above


FXO - 4.8 and above


Mixed FXS/FXO - 4.8 and above


MP-124D - 4.8 and above

Fall Back Support

Supported on the mixed FXS/FXO variants

Life Line Support

Not supported on MP-112R/2FXS





Lightning Protection

Supported, except for MP-112R

Disconnect Supervision

Reverse Polarity, Tone Detection, Energy Detection and Current Drop

FXO Homologation Coverage

Improved coverage, including JATE (Japan, Australia, NZ)


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