Zoom Telephonics 5801 ATA - FXO/FXS
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  Zoom Telephonics 5801 ATA - FXO/FXS

zoom 5801 analog telephone adapter, SIP, FXO, FXS

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Zoom 5801 Features:

  • Asterisk Ready

  • Contains both FXS and FXO ports; supports bridging

  •  E911 and 112 calling

  • Uses industry-standard Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)

  • Supports Quality of Service (QOS)

  • Configurable for SIP-based VoIP services

  • Supports automatic provisioning by service providers

Zoom 5801  Downloads:

The economical Zoom Model 5801 Voice over IP Telephone Adapter allow standard analog telephones to make and receive calls over a broadband Internet connection. Simply plug a conventional or cordless phone into the adapter and then plug the telephone adapter into a broadband-connected router or Internet gateway.

Up to five and often more attached phones can be rung simultaneously using the built-in ring generator.

The Model 5801 and Model 5802 support industry-standard Session Initiation Protocol (SIPv2) and work with a wide range of service providers and SIP-based VoIP equipment.

Both models provide one FXS and one FXO port and allow calls to be bridged between the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and Voice Over IP.

The FXO port of the adapters also include the TelePort, an intelligent relay that allows a single phone to place and receive both VoIP calls and calls over the PSTN. PSTN fail-over allows the 5801 and 5802 to automatically route calls over the dial-up phone network when power is lost. PSTN support also allows emergency dialing using services like 911, 112, or 999 calling. PSTN to VoIP call bridging with security is provided, as well as VoIP to PSTN call bridging.

Voice over IP Service providers can deliver a rich variety of advanced telephone services through the Model 5801, or 5802 including CLASS features such as Call Waiting, Caller Identification, Call Transfer, Call Hold, Call Forwarding, Distinctive Ringing, and Voice Message Waiting Indication.

The VoIP terminal adapters can be configured remotely using a TFTP or HTTP download from the service provider and updates to the firmware can be automatically delivered. Local configuration is done with a browser-based graphical user interface.

The Model 5801 supports G.711, iLBC and G.729 voice codecs. The Model 5802 supports G.711 and iLBC.

$65.95 USD  |   Add to Cart  |   View Cart  |  


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